Food and Food: Las Vegas and Travels19 Apr 2009 07:49 pm

New York cafe Serendipity 3 has opened an outpost in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. It appears to be on the promenade facing the Strip; where an unfrequented bar sat for a long time.

Serendipity 3 is famous for their ice creams and other frozen treats, including the “Golden Opulence Sundae.” It’s basically ice cream with expensive chocolate and some gold leaf on it they made for publicity purposes (which is totally working, as you may notice.) It costs a thousand bucks. Yawn.

However, an interesting addition to the Vegas menu is “One-N-Only Las Vegas buffet sandwich” which promises “tastes of Italy, Japan, France, Mexico and the United States – all on the same bun.”

What could POSSIBLY be in that thing? It kind of turns my stomach to think about it actually. I’m going to have to look into it on the next trip…then beeline it to BLT at the Mirage for one of their tried-and-true shakes.

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