work (kinda)14 Apr 2009 12:42 pm

I’m still well into the blizzard of schoolwork, but was perusing Minneapolis hotel websites the other day during a break. I’m going to be visiting in May for a friend’s wedding. When looking at the amenities for the hotels I noticed not every chain was promoting free paper delivery in the morning. It kind of worried me.

Then I see today that HotelChatter posted that some hotel chains are indeed scaling back newspaper delivery to guests. Marriott claims people aren’t demanding the paper as much anymore, which surprises me. When did people stop wanting a free service? How do they measure such demand?

Perhaps people aren’t as cheap as I am and fork over the $11+ for in room wifi access and read the news that way, leaving the paper folded up and in its little door hanger bag?  Either way, I still love getting the paper at a hotel. (As long as it’s not USA Today. Ugh. Maybe that’s the root of the problem here.)

My parents (who are currently holed up in an apartment run by Marriott in Bangkok) said that even that property has switched from delivering the pricier Bangkok Post to rooms to having a copy or two of the somewhat inferior Nation for people to fight over in the breakfast room. Yikes.

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