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The Friday before we were due to check into the Wynn in Las Vegas in February, I placed a very special order, with Recchiuti.

Recchiuti is a fine chocolate vendor in California. Since they only ship within the States and it can be hard to find their chocolates anywhere outside San Francisco, I took advantage of the Wynn’s business center to have some treats shipped to greet us at the hotel.

I fondly remembered the San Francisco chocolatier’s confections, as I had received some as a gift from Mike once. Wanting to return the favour, I checked out the Recchiuti site. I mean, I enjoy chocolate, but Mike loves it.

It started innocently enough: a single box of key lime pears. I heard another blogger raving about them, and wanted to try them.

recchiuti key lime

Seasonal key lime pears

Then, into the virtual shopping basket went some of their signature S’Mores bites.


I was on a roll.

recchiuti green box

Next, a “green box” of their varietal chocolates. These are the herb and tea infused chocolates. Feature flavours include star anise & pink peppercorn, lavender vanilla and tarragon grapefruit.

I searched the internet for a discount code and found one through Food & Wine (only valid for February, sadly) for 25% off. That made it easy to add a three pack of their new bar chocolate and a special S’Mores pack.

recchiuti smores

making recchiuti smores(This photo from the Recchiuti blog shows someone hand making the S’Mores Bites)

I cannot tell you how excited I was to collect my box of goodies from the Wynn’s shipping department. It shipped overnight and beat us to the hotel, and everything arrived intact. Well, save for the S’Mores Bites which were cracked on top, but there was a kind note explaining that might happen in transit via airplanes.



Recchiuti’s packaging is absolutely beautiful, and the chocolate is wonderful quality. We dug into the care package right away, eating the S’Mores Bites and sampling the Key Lime Pears. We saved everything else for home.

The S’Mores Bites and S’Mores kit came with handmade vanilla bean marshmallows and were eons ahead of the jet puffed fakery you buy at the grocery store. Mixed with high quality, not overly sweet cocoa-heavy chocolate and crisp graham crackers, they were heavenly.

We finally broke into the S’Mores kit tonight. There were dual instructions for making them in the oven and over the fire. However since spring has sprung in town, it would seem we missed our chance to make them in our fireplace.

rech11A S’More from the S’Mores Kit, made in the oven.

The only real disappointment were the Key Lime Pears. They weren’t quite as lime-y as I had been expecting. But upon further reflection, I thought maybe the lime had more to do with retaining their crispy texture when dipped in chocolate. They snapped in your mouth! Pear and chocolate sound an odd combo, but they were quite tasty.

I would love to visit their flagship store sometime, but will probably keep ordering via their website when I’m in the States next. They were highly professional and easy to order from with precise delivery times.

You should see the Easter treats they have right now…

(Some Recchiuti products are also available at select Neiman Marcus department stores and other retail partners)

5 Responses to “Recchiuti delivery”

  1. on 09 Apr 2009 at 7:10 am H.Peter

    That Key LIme Pear combo sounds fantastic.
    The Smor I have nver been a fan of.

    Nver heard of this company, so now of course I have to check it out.

  2. on 10 Apr 2009 at 7:32 am Mark

    Say, have you considered being a professional food photographer on the side? Seriously, all the food pictures I take end up being as horribly unappetizing as the ones you see on all those independent food kiosk menus.

  3. on 10 Apr 2009 at 7:20 pm kelly

    Aw, shucks Mark. Thanks! No, I have not considering doing pro food photos, but I enjoy styling food and props when I get to at work. I just rely heavily on Photoshop to rescue bad photos, and try to use natural lighting to the best of my ability on my sad lil’ camera. Food is really difficult to shoot.

    H.Peter: I totally recommend Recchiuti if you ever have to bring someone back a gift from San Francisco on your business travels. It’s a city of a million treats, but these are really good ones.

  4. on 10 Apr 2009 at 11:28 pm Roz

    Great photos Kel! As always, you’ve manage to succeed in making me salivate! Mmmmm chocolates!!! the Smores look AMAZING. I was just telling Dan that I wish I could be a chocolate maker…and then I thought about doing that in my own kitchen and being my own customer! umm…that wouldn’t go over too well when I’m 200lbs overweight and having constant sugar hangovers though!!!!

  5. on 12 Mar 2010 at 4:35 pm Leslie Freeman

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