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ms paula deen

Perhaps you are not familiar with the lady above.

This, my friends, is Ms. Paula Deen. She’s a celebrity chef…of sorts.., specializing in Southern American comfort food. Read: fatty, cheesy, caloric overloaded food mostly made with pre-made ingredients. The lady loves butter.

I personally find her to have a grating voice and, um, rustic cooking style. She’s not my cuppa tea is basically what I’m saying.

However, the lady is hugely popular. I remember being at the Mall of America in Minneapolis once and there being an enormous crowd there to attend her book signing.

Now, I’m not being a food snob. While I have definitely tried to avoid using precooked, frozen and canned ingredients in my cooking as much as possible, I’m not against it to save some time. But Paula really revels in it. She’s kind of like Rachel Ray’s crazier, older aunt.

rachel ray tattoo

Why yes, that IS a tattoo of Rachel Ray on some woman’s back.

But, the point of this post is not to bitch about Paula or even Rachel “Yummo” Ray. It is to point you to Michele Humes (previously and currently of Fine Furious Life) and her new blog: Georgia on my Thighs.

Michele is a French-trained chef who also happens to write about (and photograph) food very well. She is attempting to cook (and snark and think, she says) her way through Paula Deen’s The Lady & Sons Savannah Country Cookbook. The cookbook is based on Deen’s restaurant which, according to their site, features a Sunday buffet which includes sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, meatloaf and fried chicken.

Worlds colliding!

Michele’s first post is amazing. She begun with a recipe that she says “takes her out of her comfort zone.” I look forward to future experimentation.

Maybe I’ll even be able to add condensed soup to my cupboard at some point.

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