Food15 Mar 2009 07:25 pm

Year of Salads

Credit: Jenny at Simple Life Love

If you work downtown, perhaps you are familiar with the salad bar at Sunterra. It’s pretty awesome; throw in your greens (three kinds), various proteins (chicken, tuna, beans), veggies, fruits and dressings, then weigh it and check out. My co-worker has been on a salad kick for a number of months and I cannot remember the last time he did not eat salad for lunch. He goes through stages like that. I asked him when he thought he might fall off the wagon, but he said he wasn’t sure; one day he might wake up and be really into pasta for lunch.

I found out today that a woman, Jenny, has been doing this since 2009 began and has been taking photos of her salads each day and blogging about it. The way my co-worker does it can get quite expensive (he does stock his own sunflower seeds and olive oil at work, however), and doing it at home is pretty easy if you just think ahead for the week. So much room for variation, too! When I do it, I normally poach a few chicken breasts Friday night (my work week is Saturday through Tuesday) and toss in whatever I’m into that day or what is in the fridge; roasted red peppers, black beans, pickles, baby corn, grape tomatoes. No rhyme or reason, and it tastes pretty good. I find it helps that I have a dedicated super size reusable container for salad use only.

Jenny also has some hints for keeping a well stocked fridge for salad making. Costco plays a major role, I am happy to see. Their produce section is pretty solid.

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