Food and Food: Edmonton and work (kinda)09 Feb 2009 08:51 pm

Out for a review dinner, Mike wanted to visit Grandma D’s. It’s a BBQ joint in the west end of Edmonton that serves up great big burgers and pretty tender ribs. It’s the place I go to when my dad is not in town to provide for my BBQ cravings.

Well, it used to be the place I went to.

Sadly, Grandma D’s closed a week into 2009. Without a backup plan, we drove down Mayfield Road with Mike’s parents and stopped in at Vic’s Steakhouse. It’s a relatively new outfit at the Mayfield Inn, of all places. I had noticed it a few weeks previous for the first time while driving past, and thought we could check it out.

While I am not the reviewer, but only a chef in our house, I will post some photos. I will also say the appetizers were amazing.

The bison short ribs buried in berry sauce convinced me to order them as an entree when we go back, and the crab, lobster and cheese dip was outstanding. We were even served an amuse bouche: pan seared scallop with boar bacon. I think the only place in Edmonton I have ever received an amuse was the Blue Pear. Impressive and unexpected.

It’s not as stuffy at Sage can be (although the food is amazing), and they really emphasize good ingredients. It’s not as mechanical as the Keg, and more consistent than Von’s. I think it might be my mid-priced steakhouse of choice in Edmonton.

Innisfail lamb with mushroom risotto

The simple modern decor of Vic’s. These photos are deceiving as we were one of the last tables to leave. It was surprisingly busy in there for a Monday evening.

I love the look Mike’s mom is giving his dad.

Pumpkin panna cotta. No replacement for the heaven on a spoon the now defunct Il Portico used to serve, but still nice.

Save room for the complimentary cheesecake pops on a stick they give out in lieu of mints. Dinner, with appetizer and dessert came to about $50 a person.

(for my vegetarian readers, they do serve many different salads and a pasta dish as a main)

Vic’s Steakhouse
(part of a small chain also in Canmore, AB and Victoria, BC)
16615 – 109th Avenue, in the Mayfield Inn
Only open for dinner, 5:30-10pm Monday through Saturday

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