Crafts etc15 Jan 2009 10:45 am

I have uploaded the remainder of the Polaroids I have taken in the past few years. It’s interesting to see the nuances of the particular pack of film I was using at the time, in the colours and vividness of the photos. I still have a fair amount left in the fridge, waiting to be used, so I’ll add as I take new shots.

Some favourites:

Dave and Mike at Dave + Jenn’s wedding on Lake Edith in Jasper, 2007.

Connor and Mike at the same wedding. It looks like they are characters in a Western film.

Except for the meter box above their heads and the water bottle to Connor’s right. CURSE MY DRUNKENESS.

Taken on my 29th birthday in Red Rock Canyon west of Las Vegas. I was too shy to ask any hikers to take a photo of me so instead, you get this yucca. It’s a good stand-in.

One of two. There is another one of these floating around out there in the form of a Valentines card that may or may not have made it to its destination. Then may or may not have been tossed in the trash.

Oh, it’s not all bad. The photo is better than the story behind it though.

Anyhow, more photos here.

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