Food and Food: Edmonton07 Jan 2009 11:04 am

6 days in Las Vegas, and not a single milkshake consumed. I must have been crazy.

On the night it was coldest last week, I felt the undeniable urge to shake it up. I was just getting off the night shift at work, so it was just after 11pm. What was open so late on a weekend? Wendy’s.

At the drive-thru I ordered a new menu item: the shake!

Wendy’s small “hand spun” Vanilla Bean shake, sans cherry

(also available in strawberry and chocolate fudge)

Although I ate the “cherry” (it was a bright red maraschino) seconds out of the drive through lane, I couldn’t deny this was a pretty good looking shake.

I lamented the fact that I had not told them to hold the whip; I have consumed too many oily “from a bag” whip creams in my day. However, when I tasted it I was amazed to find it was REAL WHIP CREAM.

It was extraordinarily thick, and distinctly Frosty based. I had tried a Frosty Float a few months back and was diasspointed. The Frosty shake was amazing.

Although Delux’s Pinocchio-gelato based shake won my heart for some time, I think my go-to shake will be Wendy’s. It’s delicious, widely available, and affordable at $3.29 (I think)

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