Food and Food: Las Vegas and Travels01 Jan 2009 09:34 am

Here are some photos/stories that don’t quite fit in their own post. Of course, they involve yet more food.

Panera‘s Mediterranean veggie sandwich. Peppadew peppers, feta cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cilantro hummus on fresh tomato basil bread. I got the exact same thing on both my visits to Panera. It may be a chain, but it’s a damn good chain.

In and Out burger. We stayed away from the busy location near the Strip on Dean Martin way.

That last photo is from the famous “secret menu”. It’s fries, “animal style.” That means they come with their thousand island spread, grilled onions and Velveeta cheese.

It was happy hour at Sonic.

Some of the food from my birthday dinner at Stripburger. Three words: too much food. The sides can easily be split three or even four ways. I highly recommend the pickle chips. Also, they only have outdoor seating. Lots of heat lamps, but would be more enjoyable in the heat of May or June. Not pre-snow storm December in Vegas.

Thank god for a long list of back up restaurant research work. Starving, we thought we had things sussed out and were heading for a BBQ joint: K’s BBQ. When we got there, it seemed to be gone. Below a “BBQ” sign with the “K” removed, a newer but shittier BBQ place. What to do? Head for the nearest place you know will be open: a 24-hour taco shop.

The pictorial menu made everything look pretty nasty, but the food was surprisingly fresh and delicious at Roberto’s Taco shop. There was a fresh condiment bar with hot pickles, salsas and various other additions. The meal was cheap as hell, too.

Following our dinner at Ichiza, we met my parents at Isla, the tequila bar at Treasure Island. An extremely helpful server appeared out of nowhere and starting educating us on tequila. One margarita turned into two or three, then we got into the tasting flights of sipping tequila. Then free samples came out and suddenly it was late and things got all crazy.

Awesome fun though. They have a multi page menu full of the 90+ tequilas they offer, running the gamut from a few dollars per shot to up to $50. They even have a $99 margarita, served tableside by the “Tequila Goddess.”

The tequila tasting tower. The red shooters are sangrita: a palate cleanser commonly served with tequila. It’s made of tomato and lime juice, pureed onion, salt and chilis. It was really good, actually. Very spicy and citrusy.

Oh dear lord: Whole Foods. I was too enraptured to take many photos, but the place never gets old to me.

Although spray can pancake batter is a bit disturbing.

The salt selection.

Various cheeses, including raw milk cheese, which is unavailable for purchase in Canada.

Some sort of self-service, debit card operated wine tasting “Enomatic” bar. Each bottle spurts out one to six ounces of a wine when you insert a card. Read more here. We were there too late to get a debit card, but it looked fun.

Instead, we got a magnum of … beer. It was the 2008 Anchor Brewing Christmas ale.

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