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Whiskey cheddar with rosemary garlic crackers

As is my custom, on the days I work I often stop in at Sobeys on Jasper Avenue on my way home to pick up some fresh fruit or veg, or interesting treats.

On a recent visit, after Mike requested I get some cheese, I went with something really unusual and different: Long Clawson mature cheddar with malt whiskey cheese. I thought it might be lightly flavoured with a hint of whiskey, or perhaps be covered in a whiskey flavoured rind. What we got was whiskey with a hint of cheese.

The texture was very crumbly and very soft; sort of like feta. Perhaps you can see its flakiness in the photo. You don’t so much as eat it as you do let it melt in your mouth. The whiskey scent was strong, and the taste was overwhelming. I really enjoy cheese, and found that the taste of the liquor lingered from start to finish – there was not much cheese to be had.

I couldn’t find much about the production of this cheese, but I feel like instead of being quickly dipped, the whiskey either played a part in the production of the cheese, or the cheese was allowed to soak in the whiskey.

Mike had his in a grilled cheese sandwich, which he declared a bit “too much” and “alcoholic.” I had mine with some roasted garlic and rosemary “Wisecrackers”. Just a slice or two and it was enough. This cheese might be better suited to beer tastings, fondues or holiday cheese boards for its novelty.

Will not buy again.

Long Clawson whiskey cheddar cheese: $2.89 / 100g at Sobeys

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  1. on 02 Dec 2008 at 1:36 pm It Will Make a Turd

    At least the heavy whiskey counteracts the binding effects of the cheese, so at least it will make a turd.

    My guess is that they incorporate the whiskey into the cheese during the curdling process, which would account for the texture and intense flavour.