General and work (kinda)28 Nov 2008 09:31 am

FINALLY, the remainder of the newsroom tour. You can see part one here.

This is down on the library floor. They archive every story we run and keep back copies of not only our paper, but most of the ones in Alberta for a year or more.

I think this is the first 6 months of the year, set into piles by date.

The proof reader whiteboard. For ease of work and quick reference, they keep common acronyms, phrases, terms and names on the board.

R.I.P. ed magazine. These are the covers of the section. It was an insert that ran in the paper for a number of years, slanted towards younger readers. A few faces in the newsroom got their start writing in the section as well. I got a piece published in the final print run of ed.

The last few weeks worth of major Albertan papers, as well as national ones. We maintain a separate reading room for the less frequent papers like those from Vancouver, Montreal and New York City. Reporters and photographers often reference these to see if their stories or photos ran in other papers.

From the sports section. I think the “O word” reference is to not wanting a game to go into O.T. Sports deskers usually work the latest, because they have to get the last minute stats into the paper from the west coast. Overtime can really mess with their sleep schedules.

The book section editor pod. All of these books are here for a reason by the way; they suck. The good ones are snapped up quickly.

This is where our editorial cartoonist works. He has a few TVs in the room, which he is always watching to catch last minute stories or something to draw inspiration from, I think.

Photo files in the library. They have all our archive photos, from visiting royalty to file photos of John Lennon. Good for use in a pinch when photo researching.

Reporter pods.

TVs to watch the noon, 6’oclock and 11’oclock newscasts on. Just in case we missed something.

Sometimes, I sharpen just for the hell of it.

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