Food and General22 Sep 2008 07:25 pm

We went on a short trip to Calgary last week, and everything’s been coming up Kelly ever since.

Angry Jenn is Angry. We traveled to Calgary to see our friends Dave and Jenn and their latest art works. More to come on that.

This is not a good look for me.

Fresh, fluffy, fantastic meringues. They were from the Nectar Dessert Bar in Calgary’s Inglewood neighbourhood. It was a fantastic place.

The crack in that one bugs me though. It was no less delicious, however. More to come on this place.

There is nothing I like more than spying on people. I know, it’s horrible.

This fellow, who I believe was locked out of the building, was trying to get his friend’s attention in a ground floor apartment. He was quite drunk and stumbled around, finally passing out beside the dumpster next to the house being renovated next door. About 30 minutes later, when a firetruck blasted it’s horn going past, I heard a loud bang, and the guy was standing, rubbing his right elbow. I surmised that he banged his elbow, and then sent the two bottles of whatever tumbling down his head. He skittered away into the night and seemed to be okay.

That was a crazy night! I did a little walk about and spied someone watching porno in their living room, and no less than three dudes pissing where ever they liked. I always defend my neighbourhood when my dad comes by to pick me up, but I think those days are over.

Some nougat, which a photographer received today after shooting a job featuring the woman who opened the company. He shared it with us at work. It’s from a new company in town, “The Newget Kompany.” I cautiously avoided it at first, but when I discovered it’s lack of tooth-aching sweetness, could not stop scarfing it down and barely made it home to photograph.

Mystery surprise present! Mike wrapped this pro-style in this beautiful paper on Sunday. He said I could open it now, or later, after I am done my ball-busting astronomy course. I have opted for ‘later’ to avoid distraction (based on a clue he gave me), but turns out admiring his wrapping skills and wondering what’s inside is distracting in itself.

What could it be!?

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