General12 Sep 2008 06:34 pm

I’m a huge fan of classic rock. I blame this all on my father, naturally.

I have very early memories of listening to the radio with him on the way to school or early in the morning before school. We’d always be listening to K-Rock, the local classic rock station. He’d have me guess the artists, or we’d play Led Zeppelin really loud while driving to the skating rink.

During the summers in Thunder Bay, my cousins, Jenna and Ryan, brother Tory and I would stay up late around the campfire, listening to the rock tunes uncle Rick and my dad would play. Luckily, Mike also enjoys classic rock, so I don’t have hide my obsession.

Someone I know from a messageboard is going to be hosting a classic rock night at a bar in his hometown soon. He wanted song suggestions and flyer ideas, so I whipped this up in Illustrator just for fun.

I’m still learning and I only use free typefaces and fonts, but it was a great time waster. Messing around in Illustrator is my thing to do when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to do schoolwork.

Can you tell classic rock and moustaches hold a special place in my heart?

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