September 2008

General24 Sep 2008 09:36 am

This morning, some sad news; Nyac, a sea otter that lived at the Vancouver Aquarium following her rescue from the Exxon-Valdez oil spill, has died. She was around 20 years old, and had been diagnosed with leukemia, which is unusual in sea otters. It may have been connected to the oil spill, even.

Here is a sweet video of Nyac “holding paws” with her partner and friend, Milo.

Food and General22 Sep 2008 07:25 pm

We went on a short trip to Calgary last week, and everything’s been coming up Kelly ever since.

Angry Jenn is Angry. We traveled to Calgary to see our friends Dave and Jenn and their latest art works. More to come on that.

This is not a good look for me.

Fresh, fluffy, fantastic meringues. They were from the Nectar Dessert Bar in Calgary’s Inglewood neighbourhood. It was a fantastic place.

The crack in that one bugs me though. It was no less delicious, however. More to come on this place.

There is nothing I like more than spying on people. I know, it’s horrible.

This fellow, who I believe was locked out of the building, was trying to get his friend’s attention in a ground floor apartment. He was quite drunk and stumbled around, finally passing out beside the dumpster next to the house being renovated next door. About 30 minutes later, when a firetruck blasted it’s horn going past, I heard a loud bang, and the guy was standing, rubbing his right elbow. I surmised that he banged his elbow, and then sent the two bottles of whatever tumbling down his head. He skittered away into the night and seemed to be okay.

That was a crazy night! I did a little walk about and spied someone watching porno in their living room, and no less than three dudes pissing where ever they liked. I always defend my neighbourhood when my dad comes by to pick me up, but I think those days are over.

Some nougat, which a photographer received today after shooting a job featuring the woman who opened the company. He shared it with us at work. It’s from a new company in town, “The Newget Kompany.” I cautiously avoided it at first, but when I discovered it’s lack of tooth-aching sweetness, could not stop scarfing it down and barely made it home to photograph.

Mystery surprise present! Mike wrapped this pro-style in this beautiful paper on Sunday. He said I could open it now, or later, after I am done my ball-busting astronomy course. I have opted for ‘later’ to avoid distraction (based on a clue he gave me), but turns out admiring his wrapping skills and wondering what’s inside is distracting in itself.

What could it be!?

General12 Sep 2008 06:34 pm

I’m a huge fan of classic rock. I blame this all on my father, naturally.

I have very early memories of listening to the radio with him on the way to school or early in the morning before school. We’d always be listening to K-Rock, the local classic rock station. He’d have me guess the artists, or we’d play Led Zeppelin really loud while driving to the skating rink.

During the summers in Thunder Bay, my cousins, Jenna and Ryan, brother Tory and I would stay up late around the campfire, listening to the rock tunes uncle Rick and my dad would play. Luckily, Mike also enjoys classic rock, so I don’t have hide my obsession.

Someone I know from a messageboard is going to be hosting a classic rock night at a bar in his hometown soon. He wanted song suggestions and flyer ideas, so I whipped this up in Illustrator just for fun.

I’m still learning and I only use free typefaces and fonts, but it was a great time waster. Messing around in Illustrator is my thing to do when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to do schoolwork.

Can you tell classic rock and moustaches hold a special place in my heart?

Food and Food: Home Cookin'07 Sep 2008 12:49 pm

Late nights are always hard to pull back from, sleep wise. After a series of them, I find myself waking up far far after noon most days I don’t work. Not only is this lazy and unhealthy and just encourages more late night and caffeine consumption, it also make it impossible to eat brunch on weekends. Even dim sum is usually wrapping up at 1 or 2pm, leaving us S.O.L.

I’ve combated the problem by¬† making brunch at home today. A plethora of fresh fruit and veg (including figs…from Costco!) and a visit to the farmer’s market yesterday have stocked the fridge and pantry.

I made some fruit salad, featuring the fresh figs, with a banana that was aging on the counter, some left over cut cantaloupe, peaches and plums. I didn’t have much for a traditional dressing, which is usually honey and citrus of some kind, but Mike suggested I use the super thick and rich Liberte yogurt we have. A quick Google later, and a batch of yogurt honey cinnamon dressing, with some mint from our patio garden thrown in.

We got some turkey and peahen eggs from Greens, Eggs and Ham at the City Centre farmer’s market Saturday. Turkey eggs are a bitch to crack into.

Amy gave us some banana bread last night, so I fried it up in a pan with some butter. This is my lame plating since I was too hungry to really take care with the photo.

General01 Sep 2008 06:08 pm

I’m obsessed with mail. I love checking the mailbox and receiving things, but I also love sending things via the post. When I went to Thailand a few years ago, leaving Mike behind, my brother’s partner Bruce helped me mail him postcards and cards twice a week for the four weeks I was gone. Our fridge is covered in postcards we’ve sent one another. If you borrow a book from us, it’s possible a postcard one of us has received will come tumbling out.

One of the things that breaks my heart the most about my grandmother’s death is that I used to be extremely dedicated to sending her items in the mail. Letters, photos, cookies, postcards…anything would do. My mom was shocked to see how many postcards my cousin and I had sent her over the years. She kept them all in old Pot of Gold boxes. So nostalgic!

In any case, to fill the void, I’ve signed up to Postcrossing. It’s a service that connects people who love to get and send postcards, randomly. My first card is going to Finland, I can’t wait to send it!

I’ve also started ordering more items on the internet instead of buying them in the store. It takes a bit more patience and trust sometimes, but the rewards are high. My most recent purchase is an apron from Etsy. I had a hard time deciding which one to get! Boojiboo, who I ordered from, stocks amazing fabrics and also does a number of styles. In the end I got the vintage inspired “Bella” apron in a blue cupcake material, which she made specially for me after I thought the fabric was sold out.

I came SO beautifully wrapped!

Very Susie Homemaker, non? I then made some soft ginger cookies, to christen it. It’s almost too nice to wear.