General13 Aug 2008 01:52 pm

Last week when in Thunder Bay my family joined our other family (well, good family friends. they aren’t blood related, but are as close or closer than most of my aunts, uncles and cousins) for some backyard chats and pizza.

It was a very real “Oh, we’ve grown up, haven’t we?” moment for me, as Tory and I discussed and sipped wines with our parents and “aunt and uncle”, Rick and Lori.

Previous summer trips to their place had been spent doing summer things; running to the corner store, playing Nintendo, watching the Simpsons. But what else do you do when you’re 11 years old?

I guess run through the sprinkler.

From left: my brother Tory, our “cousin” Jenna and myself.

courtesy: Rick Guzzell.

Yes. That is me. I think I’m about 12 or 13 in the photo.

This is sort of like when a celebrity releases any embarassing photos ahead of a scandal being revealed, just to have the upper hand. LET US NEVER SPEAK OF THIS AGAIN.

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  1. on 13 Aug 2008 at 7:27 pm Jenna

    I love it Kel!! Good times!! Wish I was there to join in on the wine sipping and reminiscing!! Hope all is well!! Come visit anytime!! xo