August 2008

General30 Aug 2008 07:45 pm
Paris is not the city of lights.

Paris is not the city of lights. via manganite on Flickr

I am told the best way to deal with ear worms (i.e. songs that get trapped in your head) is to listen to the full song.

Lately, I have been pining for Tokyo. I’m not sure why, exactly. It’s been a long August and as Mike so kindly points out, I haven’t been on my quarterly vacation this quarter. Anyhow, in attempt to clear it out of my brain, I’ve been browing Flickr streams for photos from Tokyo.

It’s not really working in the way I want it to, though. 🙁

General13 Aug 2008 01:52 pm

Last week when in Thunder Bay my family joined our other family (well, good family friends. they aren’t blood related, but are as close or closer than most of my aunts, uncles and cousins) for some backyard chats and pizza.

It was a very real “Oh, we’ve grown up, haven’t we?” moment for me, as Tory and I discussed and sipped wines with our parents and “aunt and uncle”, Rick and Lori.

Previous summer trips to their place had been spent doing summer things; running to the corner store, playing Nintendo, watching the Simpsons. But what else do you do when you’re 11 years old?

I guess run through the sprinkler.

From left: my brother Tory, our “cousin” Jenna and myself.

courtesy: Rick Guzzell.

Yes. That is me. I think I’m about 12 or 13 in the photo.

This is sort of like when a celebrity releases any embarassing photos ahead of a scandal being revealed, just to have the upper hand. LET US NEVER SPEAK OF THIS AGAIN.

Food and Food: Edmonton and Food: Home Cookin'12 Aug 2008 06:30 pm

On the way home from work tonight I stopped at Sobeys to get some smoked salmon and, $45 later came out with the salmon but also two baby romanesco, some sea asparagus and a mildly alcoholic pop. I don’t know how this always happens to me.

Anyhow, it was money well spent for I got to try two new things, one I’ve been wanting to actually see for quite some time and the other something completely new.

This gorgeous green plate is made up of (from bottom left) sea asparagus from the West Coast, romanesco and fresh Calimyrna figs.

A close up of the baby romanesco. You ask: What the hell is this, cauliflower on LSD? Well it’s a member of the Brassicaceae family, meaning it’s similar to, you guessed it: broccoli and cauliflower. However, the way it grows is into a logarithmic spiral and so, it’s a fractal vegetable.

How nerdy.

Of course, I wanted to try eating it, but I also wanted to use it for it’s other clear use: a photo op. My  mother would chide my brother and I not to play with our food as children, but I am not sure where this lies in that realm. At a $1.79 EACH I sure as hell wasn’t going to pitch it after I snapped it’s photo.

Okay, I mostly bought this for the name.

And the lovely typeface usage and overall design.

It was an odd, slightly alcoholic tasting brew. I want to try the ginger beer and “curious cola” but at $3.50 a pop, I’m not sure I can stomach buying another.

I steamed the baby romanesco, then draped it in butter, topping it with Tellicherry pepper and Maldon finishing salt. Don’t they look like little Christmas trees all gussied up?

They were also tender and delicious. I think kids would really get on board with members of the brassica family if they were as cool looking and delish as these.

Of course, more shots.

The sea asparagus was very similar to fiddleheads. It’s extremely salty (as are many things that come from the ocean, surprisingly) so I blanched it, then sauteed it with garlic, butter and a touch of vinegar. Crunchy and crispy, with a salty flavour. I’m definitely going to buy some more.

The all-vegetable dinner was a huge success. I also made some steamed baby potatoes with tarragon.

General01 Aug 2008 10:53 am

My gran died yesterday morning in Thunder Bay, and people are gathering to go to her funeral on Tuesday. Although she had been up and down in health the last few years, she really did not improve after this last bout of illness.

My mom arrived in Thunder Bay earlier in the month and readied her for life in a nursing home, but in true Forchuk woman form she wasn’t having any of that and died the same day her house sold. She once told my mom years ago she wanted to die in her home, so I think she just let go after she realized she was never going back.

This photo is how I’ll remember her best, I think:

Smoking and resting as the sun sets over the garden she worked in the entire day.

That and getting up early to go fishing, and sitting by the ocean in Hawaii on her only vacation two years ago.

My dad pointing out whales to my Gran. We watched whales, turtles and dolphins together the entire week.

Being held by Gran sometime early in 1980.

Love you, Gran.