July 2008

General and work (kinda)29 Jul 2008 12:15 am
So I’m still recovering after my super long weekend (not a long weekend in the good sense, either) but here’s a few things to pre-post about my weekend at Indy.
The team on site

The team on site! One of the photographers is missing because she was off shooting video, but here we are on our golf cart. Sexy, I know. Look at all those lenses!

I spent almost 12 hours at Indy on Saturday and then another half day editing video the next. Here’s the panoramic I took with the camera I borrowed.

General25 Jul 2008 12:04 am

… but then got big. I didn’t think I’d done enough cool things this week to warrant a post, but I sure did drag my camera everywhere so this post is much bigger than I thought it would be.

I started off at West Ed mall earlier last week where I went a little crazy shopping. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the fashions of today though. I can tell I’m growing up because the fall-apart-at-the-seams, two-for-$10 tops really don’t impress me anymore. They have terrible fits and seriously fall apart. Good for fashion tops, I guess, but … is this fashion??

This one just pissed me off, as I think is clear by the look on my face. The belt came with it. Ultimately I didn’t get it because of the button popping on top there and the HUGE PUFFY SLEEVES. What the H?

And yet…

They were like mole hills to these mountains.



They’re hideous.

I really dig on the change rooms at Miss Sixty. They’re purple velvet lined. Sort of like what I imagine Prince’s pants are lined with.

Mike and I saw this atroci…I mean classic… Bentley at the mall. The Louis Vuitton decals were spattered on the hood, roof and trunk.

Our new go-to restaurant has become Habesha, an Ethiopian and Eritrean joint.

We also ate at La Ronde this week, Edmonton’s premiere revolving restaurant.

My brain told me it’d be no good, but my heart wanted it to be. The view was pretty nice, anyhow.

It’s the Indy in Edmonton, and I spent the day editing video and running back and forth from the office. This photo is of the media centre. It’s the first event I’ve worked, and the first time I’ve gone to any of the car race series in town, which included Nascar and Champ Car (I think).

I really wasn’t that into Indy, but I really like the idea of getting to work on editing video. I’m returning on Saturday to shoot more video, but more excitingly do some panoramics with…

A Mark 2 N and a fisheye lens. The guy that does all the cool stuff for our paper is out of town at a wedding and it’s paining him to not be at the Indy, so he’s giving out his equipment like candy and hoping we do him proud. I’ll link up some of my work if it turns out well.

I am already having nightmares of it coming off the monopod and crashing to the hot pavement from 6 feet in the air.

Bubble tea night, and the lid to Mike’s made me think of my brother. He’s got a really great name, I think. Coincidentally I also found this link where you can see how common your name is in the States. I had a feeling, but…

Logo There are
or fewer people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

General15 Jul 2008 09:26 pm

Have started golf lessons and bought clubs.

Assimilation of golf fashion has begun. Visiting Lacoste store tomorrow.

The car has arrived! No official name yet, but accepting suggestions.

Paint job is new; it’s sparkly yellow mica paint and is lovely.

The car is a 1993 RX-7 (left hand drive) and came from California. It’s now street legal, so we can go for bubble tea runs and late night drives all we like.

Weather has been typically Albertan lately. Out-of-nowhere downpourhailbeatdowns turn into…

Evaporative early morning mist type scenes.

Learning to drive the ‘Rex is a nerve wracking ordeal. We drove around the Oliver Safeway lot for a good 3/4 of an hour, as I practiced shifting and stopped squealing when I revved too quickly. The car’s got a lot of pep.

Self satisfied after my lesson.

Not as sure of my new fringe hairdo.

Every year the town of Rimbey has a 100-foot shootout drag race. All classes of cars are welcome to enter, and the races are, well, 100 feet. We drove out the hour to get there.

The smell of canola was pretty overwhelming at times.

But it complemented the paint job of the ‘Rex nicely.

Rimbey is, well, a small town in Alberta.

Note gun rack on side.

$10 too much to pay for an event in your front yard? Ain’t nothing a lawn chair and some Pil from the fridge won’t solve.

In addition to this ridiculous souped up Suzuki Sidekick (which won it’s first heat then was DQ’d embarassingly by a Z28) there was also a front wheel drive Astro van and a wood paneled station wagon.

This guy made it to the finals. Originally, from the stands, I thought it was a chihuaha. Closer inspection showed something even better! Good driving buddy, IMO.

Sick Corvette Stingray.

Parental units on front step. Yes, that is my father’s tongue sticking out.

We had a rack of lamb for dinner. Here, Mike is showing proper searing technique.

Later, I almost had to get a fan going the smoke from the berbere rub was so bad.

The lamb was pretty good though.