General08 Jun 2008 09:19 pm

WordPress, the software I used to blog with, released a new version a few months back. I’ve been having fun with the blog tracking stats tool, something I hadn’t really paid attention to before. It lists popular search terms used to find the site and the entries that get the most reads.

My most popular posts/pages are the Photos page, and also my post on the Tokyo food scene. Among the mysteries are why my archives got 287 hits last week (best day ever for traffic!), but more inexplicably, a post titled zzzzzzzzzzz (from 2005!) keeps coming up. Time and time again;  “ZZZZzzzzzzz” is one of the most used terms used to  find this site. For the life of me, I could not figure out why.

Then, last week, this comment on the post:

“my 9 month old son just used google for the first time and your sight is what he found”

An infinite amount of infants on the internet…

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