General20 Apr 2008 12:51 pm

My dad’s cousin turned 75 this weekend, and my Mom and I braved the snow to go visit. Snow? Seriously? Yes.

This was the view from Pam’s place (the birthday girl’s daughter). As I write this, it’s been snowing for about 36 hours.

I was pleased to go since I’d get to visit a side of the family I don’t see often, but also I could go and buy flowers from Artworks, one of my favorite stores in town. I picked out some purple and white tulips, freesia and I think what might have been bluebonnets. Under $30, including the glass vase! The place is normally hella busy, but I think the snow kept everyone at bay. Regardless, they really take care to present things well, and so I thought it made a nice gift, considering it was just flowers. (keep this in mind for Mother’s Day, local kids)

After dinner, we played cards, which is a common event at every family gathering I attend. Chase the Ace, followed by Pam and I teaching everyone hold ’em.

Anyhow, happy birthday, Joan. Maybe she’ll read this post soon because her family got her a new laptop!

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