Food and Food: Edmonton and General13 Apr 2008 08:56 pm

It seems like summer finally arrived this weekend, with the weather a balmy 23’C today. I saw two Lamborghinis and a few bikers out, so it must be that time of year.

Mike and I returned to a restaurant we hadn’t had the fondest feelings for on previous visits. We were craving diner-like food, me a milkshake and him a burger. We headed over to Delux Burger Bar, which is a trendy sort of burger joint, essentially. We had been with my parents a few times and had been underwhelmed by a few things, namely the dry burgers and nice sounding but surprisingly sad lobster nachos. However, we were both pleasantly surprised and I think he may review it in the coming weeks. It’s been open two years, and it’s nice to see that they’ve settled in well and haven’t slid off the service like many restaurants seem to do in the area.

I had an amazing beet salad, Pinocchio vanilla ice cream milkshake and a side of Stella battered onion rings.

The lighting was pretty crappy since it’s a bar and all, but this is my shake. At $6 it wasn’t cheap, but it was a great milkshake. Far better than Marble Slab which has been my go to place for shakes the past few years.

I’m such a sucker for presentation. I love the minicarts the onion rings and fries come in! Also, the beer batter is a nice touch. It doesn’t flavour the rings, but makes the batter super light and crispy.

Ugh, such a fuzzy photo. At the end of the meal, you get some fresh cotton candy to eat. It’s a cute gesture. I really wish more places in Edmonton were imaginative and put some effort into the dining experience; Delux really does a great job.

Saturday night we celebrated our friend’s brother’s 18th birthday. We went to the Black Dog on Whyte (the patio is open, kids!) and then let the birthday kid decide where he would rather go; the peelers or the casino. He chose the casino, so we drove out to Enoch’s River Cree casino to play some poker.

This only reminds me of what a crappy 18th birthday I had. I had one vodka slime at the Thunderdome with some high school friends, and then went home. Birthdays in December suck. I keep saying this, but I really want to have a summer half birthday. This may be the year!

Tonight the temperature was just right for a walk, so Mike and I went around the neighbourhood. At a tea shop, we saw this really weird teapot. It kind of reminds me of Squidward from Spongbob Square Pants or some old video game I can’t remember the name of right now.

4 Responses to “Weekend”

  1. on 13 Apr 2008 at 10:09 pm 32-P

    I think for the last photo you’re thinking of Q*bert (Q-bert?). 🙂

    However, I think I need clarification on the Pinocchio vanilla ice cream shake… is Pinocchio a brand? A flavour? (And if it’s the second, does it taste like real boy?)

  2. on 13 Apr 2008 at 10:39 pm Kelly

    IT IS Q-BERT. Awesome.

    Pinocchio is a company that makes ice cream and gelato locally. I seriously think that is why it’s so good.

  3. on 13 Apr 2008 at 11:06 pm Professor William Dyer

    It is not Q-bert. I recognise that loathsome ancient one as none other than the Great Cthulu.

  4. on 14 Apr 2008 at 10:06 pm Kelly

    Get out of here, Professor Dyer. Don’t you have some professing to do or something??!