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like to shop. It’s a known fact. Although I didn’t buy as much as I thought I would in Asia, I still scored some great finds.

Barbarmama mug, $10
Remember the Barbarpapas? They were shapeshifters.
Well this one turned into a mug. Just for me.
She’s so saucy. I love her.

Nintendo DS stylus, $2
There were vending machines in the toystore in Tokyo we visited, Kiddyland.
I thought this was a pen, but it was a DS stylus. I don’t even have a DS … yet.

Squid filled superball, $1
Again, another vending machine wonder. We desperately wanted
the squid, and it came out on the first try!

Delica / RX-7 remote control cars, $6
Mike got the sporty car, and I got the Mom van, because, well, I love Japanese vans.

Rainbow heels, $9
They are one size too small, but I had to get them.
Last trip I bought 12 pairs of shoes. This trip, a scant 3.

MJ shirt, $12
There is a Thai designer, Bhanu Inkawat, who started a fashion house
called Greyhound in 1995. They do some great stuff, including this
Michael Jackson Thriller shirt spliced with some Thai album.
50% off, too.

Rice spoon, $0.50
I don’t eat a lot of rice, but I love rice spoons. They are great for many things.
And this one is pink! A rare find.

Japanese character washcloths, $0.30
I actually got these in Thailand. They love their Japanese
cartoons there. Here, Doraemon and Keroppi.

Kuromi towel, $5
I don’t know why we were so into bathroom towels. Also from Thailand.
Kuromi is a Sanrio character, like Hello Kitty. She’s sort of a punk.

Notepad, $3
Mike and I both got one. Him for his restaurant reviews,
me for my shopping list. A mushroom seemed appropriate.
It was also made by a company named Kaze, which is
very similar to my nickname of KAZ.
Would have been great with my Nintendo pen. 🙁

2 Responses to “asian finds”

  1. on 05 Apr 2008 at 10:38 pm Roz

    Kelly! I LOVE the items you guys found!!! Wow! Esp the shoes, pink rice spoon, notepad, mug, MJ shirt and momma minivan mobile! Hehe! I love that you appreciate these things that many of us overlook! thanks for sharing! Will you be able to wear the shoes?!?!?!?!

  2. on 06 Apr 2008 at 12:26 am Kelly

    DAMN STRAIGHT I’M GONNA WEAR THOSE SHOES. Good work shoes, once all this spring snow melts! 🙂