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Finally! The wedding! The wedding.

First of all, Austin Wal Marts at 2am are waaaay less scary than Montana state Wal Marts at 2am. Strange, but true.

Also, they sell cactus parts. For eating!

And the aisles are blissfully clean and free of people at that time of night.

SuperTarget still has my back though. Wal*Mart had no Polaroid film. Barely any film at all, infact. So I will blame the death of film on Wal*Mart, naturally.

I ate some delicious food while in Austin, not even counting the wedding reception.

Carne asada tostada and an avocado corn taco from La Tapatia. I was in love. I was too embarassed to take any photos. I was in the the minority there and everyone stared at me come in and the watched me eat and I didn’t have a second to snap a photo. But the plate was heaping with queso, salsa verde, lettuce and just general goodness. $3.50, too.

Cherry lime soda from Sonic. I also ordered two other drinks because it was “happy hour” and was happy that the car had four cup holders. It was really embarassing, since it was clear no one else was in the car, but I wasn’t sad when I went on my 45 minute car ride to some outlets and was well supplied with beverages.

Except I really had to pee.

After the outlets I raced the sun and some ominous looking clouds down some F.M. roads (that stands for farm to market, y’all) to find an infamously famous BBQ spot, The Salt Lick.

I did not get any fireworks, despite the killer buy one get five free deal.

I drove around these curvy country roads for a while, since my directions were coming from a weird start point and I was a bit lost. I kept smelling BBQ smoke, though, and knew it had to be close.

Turns out I passed it twice before I finally got it. My dad even warned me about that. I blame the charming looking steers I kept seeing for distracting me.

At the wedding someone referred to the Salt Lick as the “Disneyland of BBQ” and it kind of was. The sheriff was out, directing traffic and entire spans of generations were lugging coolers of beer into the place (it’s a dry county). A country band was playing and I could smell something good.

It was this.

You got your sausages on top, and your turkey near the back there, and brisket all around. To the left, a big vat of BBQ sauce.

I ordered off this grease stained menu; sliced brisket sandwich with the sides, plus pickles and onion, which turned out to be a half, raw.

(note the vegetable plate)

Anyhow, the pigging out had to end, and I had a wedding to attend. The church was a modest affair that just happened to be directly across from the stunning state capitol and in the downtown core of Austin’s hip streets.

There are no photos from the ceremony because I was crying too hard. I’m not ashamed to admit that, either.

Afterwards, we adjourned to the Driskill Hotel (the place Van Morrison was chucked out of during SXSW a few weeks ago) a classy affair with a decidely Texan flair. It was beautiful, and the wedding decor was amazing. Normally I can take or leave weddings (sorry, married friends) but I was in awe of this one.

There were circling hors d’oeuvres, champagne and regional cocktails like margaritas. A man sat on a piano, playing classics. When the wedding party arrived, they were announced via mariachi band.

The food was great, small tasty bites and live action stations with mashed truffled potatoes and prime rib, as well as duck quesadillas, crab cakes, etc etc. Yum.

There was even a cake just for Nick, the groom.

Gregg and Beth, the groom’s parents and close family friends, flank me.

And this is Beth and the man of the hour, Nick.

At the end of the night, we sent Nick and Adriana off in a shower of rose petals into their horse drawn carriage. Then they magically appeared later in the bar, so I call shenanigans.

Gregg stood dutifully with his fist of petals.

After this, we went to the bar, which was packed with trendy SXSWer’s attending the film portion of the festival. I remember drinking champagne and discussing the pros and cons of living in Singapore.

And this couch

Then I saw that shoes had started to come off, and the night was drawing to a close. Some bums caught a cab for me and I sped off into the windy Austin night.

From the plane window I saw this fantastic sunset, and also northern lights!

Thank you, Nick, Adriana, Gregg and Beth for being such great hosts.

Nick and Adriana are currently in the Maldives, enjoying the honeymoon of a lifetime.


3 Responses to “Texas Toast”

  1. on 26 Mar 2008 at 2:47 am Design Monkey

    Wow. Just wow. From the Walmart to the Polariod film to the BBQ shack to the wedding. Wow.

  2. on 26 Mar 2008 at 8:11 am 32-P

    I second that x 1000. Wow. Brilliantly done. Plus, I admire your restraint… if I had gone to that wedding, I would definitely have attempted to steal Nick’s cake.

  3. on 06 Apr 2008 at 12:44 am Roz

    Kel, your photography skills are ultra amazing. I esp love the wedding ones…the pretty lights on the dance floor! wow! WOW!!!!
    And you look SO HOT!!!! I loooooooooove your dress!!!!

    PS: did you know they sell Cactus like that at Save-On here too??