General and Travels23 Mar 2008 11:27 am

Well, not quite. I had hoped to be able to upload my photos from Texas today, but a mix of having an exam next weekend, spending yesterday in the emergency room and not having any photo editing software on the laptop right now has just irritated the hell out of me.

So I shall study and perhaps later have a business meeting with the Wii.

And because I could not deny you of all photos from Austin, here a creepy graffiti style painting of Miley Cyrus, perhaps better known as Hannah Montana, available for purchase at Target. She looks more like the mothers of her target audience…like a 35 year old with deep smile lines, non?

(on a side note, there was an ENTIRE AISLE dedicated to this girl and her musical stylings. How they relate to throw pillows for your 12 year old’s room, I’m not sure. But if you want Miley’s face on it, they have it at your local Target. I just had unicorns all over, so what do I know about decorating a “tween” room?)

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