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I’m back home now, sorting through photos, trying not to nap the day away and just in general feeling out of sorts and not sure what to do with myself. So: posting shall commence!

I know I’m leaving a whole bunch out including a magical few days in the jungle and some great diving, but Bangkok was so great I feel compelled to write about it first. I shall return to the other missing weeks.

We left my mom behind in Phuket on a Thursday and headed to Bangkok for five days of…eating! Not really sightseeing, but mostly eating with some shopping thrown in. Every time I go to Bangkok I add days, but it’s never enough. The city is amazingly huge, and caters to every kind of tourist, from shoppers to gourmands to families. Everything is always reinventing itself, so there is always something new.

We flew to Bangkok on NokAir, the creepy airline my father detests because they have garish paint jobs for their planes. I booked with them because they were cheap and could guarantee no baggage upcharging for weight overages…something that made me grumpy about flying on another cheapie airline, Air Asia. $30 seats turned into $45 ones quickly.
Happy “first class” passengers. As we boarded Mike said “What? There’s a first class?” to which I said “I think we’re sitting in it.” Turns out the “NokPlus” seats we booked were also first class! An unexpected luxury, and the seats were incredibly inexpensive – $40 or something! I’d certainly fly them again.

The flight was quite pretty, going up the coast of the Andaman most of the way.

Weird thing about most Thai hotel rooms: they are willing to sell you everything in the room and a price card is usually provided. On Thai airlines, they sell you anything with a logo on it. Good thing, because I loaded up on presents. Amy, I hope you like your tuddy bear and Premee, I hope the arm sleeves fit.I fretted over what hotel to stay in for many weeks. My original plan for Thailand had included a trip midway for Mike and I to Bangkok for Valentine’s Day, and a stay in a high end hotel, but the timing was off. So I wanted to stay in a nice place, but paying $250+ for five nights wasn’t an option. Luckily, I found a great deal on a place called Dream. It’s a relatively new hotel, I think I even recommended my honeymooning friends Dan and Roz stay there when they were in Thailand last year as they had some great promo rates as they were new on the scene. The hotel turned out to be a great choice. It was central, had style, a comfortable bed and Mike’s seemingly favorite perk: a lobby that smelled of mint. $80 a night and that’s the thing that seemed to excite him most. Simple man, simple pleasures?
The hallway. Each floor had differently patterned carpets and murals on them. I’m not sure if this helped or further confused drunken guests trying to find their rooms. Apparently it’s a popular hotel with partiers. There were a series of light settings for the room, most featuring LED lights. There was a sort of nightlight for the bathroom which didn’t disturb anyone in the room, and guided you to the washroom as if you were a plane coming in for a landing. They used this setting (pictured) for turndown. It made the bed look like it was floating on a cloud, besides giving it what I like to call “Stripper Club Blue.” You know, like when they use blue lights in strip clubs to cover up the stretch marks and zits the dancers have? There was also this mirror above the desk area. It was embedded and further reflected the LEDs set into the ceiling, and the desk. The pool area was small, but trendy and quiet. It was above the second tower of the hotel, which is across the street from our tower. One day we saw a lady walking around the street dodging tuk-tuks in her bathrobe. I hope she was coming from the pool.

The bedding was obscenely comfortable. And, of course, for sale, in true Thai style. Although I can’t speak for how the hotel will look in 10 or even 5 years, the decor and design made our stay in Bangkok a little more special.

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    Squee! I get a souvenir I totally don’t deserve! 😀 And can I also say, I’m dying of jealousy here. Your trip photos are so awesome, and they show a side of your travels that I think most people would be feeling too ‘touristy’ to post. Also, I hope you bought that frog costume…