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Tomorrow, I head for the little helltown of shit known as Surat Thani (I actually think it’s kind of a sweet place, if not for the hookers and packs of stray dogs and touts harassing you at every corner. I mean, it’s got a branch of “America’s favorite ice cream”, Swensen’s. I know you all have faith in Swensen’s and it’s franchise choices.)

The last time I saw Mike, we parted ways as I put him in the back of a song teaw (these are covered trucks used from short distance transport in Thailand and literally translate to english as “two benches”) with one other white dude headed for the town of Chaiya. His destination: the silent retreat of Suan Mokkh. I had given him a phone number and a copy of the Lonely Planet in case of emergency and fretfully hoped he could retrace his steps back to where I am, 6 hours away across the land bridge that connects China to Malaysia.

On Monday morning I hope to see his sure to be heavily bearded face outside the small train station in the rural town of Chaiya.

I have already started to amass items to bring him as offerings and so that might seduce him back to the dark side of western culture. I’ve even made my own freezer packs and hope I can keep the items cool during the bus trip and overnight.

I’m not entirely sure what kind of mindset he’ll be in at the end of this meditation retreat to be honest. But if I’m totally wrong and he’s not feeling decadent and celebratory, atleast I’ll have some deliciously expensive imported cheeses and some less expensive and maybe not imported cured meats to put inside of a french baguette and eat myself while I cry over another boyfriend lost to religion *.

All these food items that were no where to be seen even on my last trip to Thailand in 2006 are so luxurious! That, added with the seemingly amped up aggravation the normally docile Thais are exhibiting and I’m beginning to worry for this country.

At least the beer is still cheap. I’ll probably embarass Mike infront of all his new hippie meditation buddies by cracking one open and spraying it all over us Grand Prix style when I see him, but self respect be damned. How else would a North American celebrate 10 days of quiet deprived contemplation other than by 10 days of celebration and gluttony?

Oh. And one more thing, in case you were wondering. In the photo I’m eating a delicious deep fried cricket which we got in our market dinner spread before Mike departed. There were two varieties and we went for the leggier ones, which I’m actually sad about because apparently people rip them off before eating, and I definitely did not care for the prickly legs.

I’m actually hamming it up for the camera; they weren’t so bad. Crunchy, deep fried and tasted of salt and soy. Sort of like chips, to be honest. The dog lurking about wasn’t that into them, though, so maybe they know something we don’t. The tarantulas we keep sure dig on them, though.

We’re headed to the jungle for some quiet time. Hoping to catch fireflies in bottles, go bird watching early in the morning and fend off monkeys that apparently break into people’s treehouses. That’s about as relaxed as you get in Thailand.

* no, not really.

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  1. on 20 Feb 2008 at 10:45 am Amy

    Of all the amazing pics you have up, this is my fav! :o)