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For dinner tonight, we visited the Thursday market. There weren’t many fresh produce vendors, but lots of people selling hot food and clothing. There were two rows, one side concentrated on clothes, the other on food. It wasn’t the biggest market I’ve been to, but there was a lot of room to move around, which was a welcome change.

Camo gear has always been popular. I’m not sure why.

I tried this jacket on. It was a bit too small in some areas though. Ahem.

I started to see this last year, but this year, the market has really exploded for bootleg cosmetics. Things like MAC eyeshadow, Chanel lipgloss and Shisedo moisturizer have appeared. The packaging looks identical or very similar in most cases, but the stuff inside is pretty low quality. Not that I ever buy black market things. No. Never.

In Bangkok, the biggest market is called Chatuchuk. It’s well known for it’s huge pet section full of exotic and ‘regular’ pets; everything from kittens to the most endangered reptiles. Even at this small market there were some pets being sold. Here, goldfish. In a cage was some sort of small mammal, perhaps a sugarglider. I didn’t ask the price.

Great engrish. Luckily we were mostly there to get food so I didn’t have to ponder what this shirt meant. The sun was setting, and lines were beginning to form.

These little ones were running the stand selling steamed dim sum items. They were all business, too.

I still don’t get why donuts are so popular. They even sell them on the beach. Ain’t nothing I want more than a sand-blasted donut when it’s 30 degrees celcius.

Just like the southern US, southern Thailand is known for it’s fried chicken. Instead of mashed potatoes and gravy, you get sticky rice and fried scallions and garlic. The photo shows all the different cuts of chicken there are. Behind the stand, there are huge woks of boiling oil running off of propane tanks. The results are delicious – fresh and totally safe to eat…can one say the same for KFC? I get other things when at the market, but I always get some khao nieau kai (fried chicken sticky rice).

Dessert, too. These are known as khanom buang: small hard crepe taco-like snacks, filled with fluffy coconut cream and bright orange strands of egg dipped coconut.

Lady, you like sunglass?

Bottled pops are so much better.

My spread when I got home. Okay, it looks gross and oily and greasy, but it’s soooo good. To the left and bottom, the sticky rice with it’s crunchy topping and two legs of chicken. On the top, dessert and finally deep fried fish cakes, or tod man pla. They were spicy as hell and tasted strongly of lemongrass, tumeric and chiles.

Another successful trip!

3 Responses to “Take out”

  1. on 07 Feb 2008 at 8:03 am Design Monkey

    Delicious and brilliant! And I love the bootlegs.

  2. on 08 Feb 2008 at 12:43 am 32-P

    As always, amazing photos! When I photograph a place I always look at the shots later and have no idea where I took them – there’s that much dissonance between the photo and the actual location. 🙁
    I’m so glad you’re posting regularly again!

  3. on 08 Feb 2008 at 8:17 am Kelly

    Prem: Thank you for the kind compliments regarding the photos, but I must protest. I’ve mostly just been shooting a lot of crappy photos to document the day, few are far from wow, but I hope they get the point across. I miss the Nikon I shot with last trip. 🙁