Food and Food: Asia and General and Travels02 Feb 2008 04:15 am

Driving down a long dark road, parking the car. Walking down a dock that lists to one side, then the other. Into a long tail with a single bare light bulb. Only heading to lights on the other side of this… what is this? A lake? The ocean? An estuary? We don’t even know.

The restaurant was a place my dad heard about, the effort to get there, totally worth it. We choose our seafood, live, not from tanks but from netted holding pens in the water. The floor of the restaurant moves as longtails drop other diners off. We order dish after dish. Lobsters…2. One king shrimp, the last one. A fish, I can’t remember what species. Vegetables. Before we start, a frothy white drink arrives. There is some discussion amongst us over what the waiter said when he dropped them off. Lobster juice? Lobster milk? Lobster something.

The taste is salty. It’s mixed with Sprite, so it’s fizzy. It’s weird and I keep taking smaller and smaller sips. I’m certain in the photo Mike is sucking it back, while I am merely pretending. The drink sits on the table as I inhale the rest of the lobster, warming in the windy warm air. It does not get any more palatable.

The rest of the meal is impeccable though. Can be hard to find, but definitely worth it: Kru Suwit Raft Seafood Restaurant.

2 Responses to “Kru Suwit Raft Seafood Restaurant”

  1. on 03 Feb 2008 at 10:43 pm 32-P

    If they sell clam nectar in Safeway, they probably sell lobster milk in Asia…

    (mental image of a farmer sitting on a stool trying to milk a lobster)

  2. on 04 Feb 2008 at 7:07 am Kelly

    Nooooo. Clam nectar? Sweet jesus.

    Also, I love that named two entries the exact same thing, back to back.