General and Travels11 Jan 2008 04:15 pm

There is no way to really describe it here. We’ve been in the city just over a day now and we’ve already done most of what we’ve come here to do…and more.

I guess the most amazing thing has to be the washroom at our hotel. I’m not even really sure I can properly explain it here, but I took a video tour of it the other day so I’ll try to post that at some point. Yeah, I know it’s cliche to talk about how amazing Japanese bathrooms are, BUT THEY ARE.

The toilet seat has a warmer so it’s always warm. Always. There is a built in bidet with three spraying options (bum, bum soft, ladies) and the shower has a talking temperature control panel. My mind almost melted when I discovered that.

The fashion makes me feel like a bag all of the time, and we haven’t even gone to trendy Harajuku yet. Thank God I had the foresight to pack pink legwarmers. There may be some saving face yet.

Also, Mike towers over everyone like Godzilla and attracts attention like you wouldn’t believe. He’s basking in it.

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