General04 Aug 2007 04:03 pm

On Wednesday/Thursday, I played mountain taxi and dropped my boyfriend and his two friends off in the mountains for an extended bachelor party hike. It was an amazing drive, but things just did not seem to add up…

300 km edmonton to calgary +

108 km calgary to canmore (at 530am, steam rising from sloughs, the sunrise burning bright in my rear view, turning the steam pink) +

37 km on a ‘well maintained’ gravel road to the mount shark parking lot, where we left a car for them to collect on their hike out +

2 black bears + 3 moose +

70 km back out and onto sunshine village, three minutes short of missing the first bus of the day the guys had planned on taking up the mountain +

group of sheep +

some random elk +

and then, the trip home. 400 or so kilometers home, three coffees, a red moon from a lunar eclipse and one ferrari spotted all added up to, two blocks from home, =

one flat tire.

And I wasn’t even the one going on the five day mountain adventure. I’m sitting at work in Edmonton on a Saturday night, watching the rain come down. The car remains jacked up  until I have a day off to try and get the fucking lug nuts off.

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  1. on 05 Aug 2007 at 7:46 pm 32-P

    Boo-urns! 🙁 Though, I have heard that most car mishaps happen within five minutes of home. Surely it makes for better travel writing if the rental car breaks down on your thirteenth birthday in the Great Pyrenees, rather than at the local 7-11 or whatever. Good luck getting the lug nuts off!