July 2007

General24 Jul 2007 02:40 pm

At work, I probably get 5-10 press releases in a day. And we’re not even the reporters, this is just random spam we get from companies who want to hit anyone who will pay attention with a press release.

Today, we got one on a new company that will cremate you, turn you INTO A PENCIL, then draw a photo of you with that very pencil. WTF?

Also, it begs the question of what the eraser is made of…

General06 Jul 2007 04:05 pm

My boyfriend has lived at his condo for about a year and a half now, and only now is it becoming a bit more homey. Perhaps because I’ve moved in, perhaps because he is taking the time to decorate it more. A few weekends ago I got handy and did a few chores, starting with hanging some venetians at the 14 foot level and ending with a failed bid to fix a running tap.

This is the ‘feature wall’. Please note the vaulted ceilings, but ignore the classy milk crate speaker supports. The decorating is ongoing. The wall decals are removable, and it was hell to get them level and placed in an authentic Space Invaders way. I purchased them almost a year ago, but have only gotten around to putting them up this month. I also put the blinds up on the windows, way up high there. It wasn’t easy to get a 12 foot ladder in a Civic, let alone in the elevator, but that place was getting hotter than hell with the light streaming in and something had to be done.

This is the microsuede chaise that was Mike’s first furniture purchase. It’s my studying chair, and lovely for laying upon while watching a fire burn. (the fireplace is to the right of the chaise and unseen in this photo)

Last year, we tried growing herbs from seed, and failed miserably. This year, I bought some started seedlings from a reputable greenhouse, and they seem to be doing better. Lavender, basil and mint were lovingly transplanted, and I filled in the gaps with pansies, violets and snapdragons. So here, the garden in all it’s glory on the sad “porch-atio”, as Mike’s sister calls it. The view? Overlooking a tremendous alley perfect for bums to sleep in, and a daycare, where children scream all day. Also, please note apartments across the way. Sometimes a creepy old man stares at me while I stare at him.

Back into the living room, here are the spiders (you can see Sparkles out there, in the foreground), backed by some art by a friend, Lon Wenger, and a collection of hand made cards and post cards I made Mike while in Thailand. On the end, a small collection of orchids we are trying to start.

This is the dining area, with an anniversary gift I gave Mike…a huge blow up photo of him eating a hot dog in Las Vegas at the defunct Boardwalk Casino (R.I.P). I made it using Rasterbator. Below, my biweekly splurge, three gerbera flowers I buy from Artworks, the lovliest gift store near my work in Edmonton.

Peering in the living room from the entrance. The kitchen and dining area it to the right, just past the first piece of art I ever purchased. It is on an old cracked skateboard and was done by a local artist, Cordelia Chan. I’m now super hot for skateboard art. You can also the very high tech looking, yet totally useless tower fan, next to the study chaise. Don’t get fooled by remotes, people.

And thus ends the tour. I have to get back to trying to fix that leaking tap.