June 2007

General25 Jun 2007 03:43 pm

Here at the office we have all sorts of high tech gadgets. I do my work on a G5 that silently sits on my desk top. Sometimes I wish it whirred, it gets kind of quiet in the newsroom. Weird, I know, you’d expect it to be people yelling over eachother’s desks, answering phones and being busy, but it’s actually¬† more like a newspaper reading room at a large library. Except you can drink coffee.

We even have highly technological automatic hand sensing antibacterial gel sprayers. You hold your hands underneath and a big gloppy spurt of heavily alcoholic hand sanitizer comes out. And yet, even with these ‘advances’ there are still throw backs to what used to be.

Every so often, I will hear the jangling ring of a rotary phone. Yes, it is an actual rotary and not someone’s goofy MP3 ring tone. The other day my box found a box of wood encased tape erasers and old radio alarm clocks. I even discovered a huge box of film, from the by gone eras when we used to have a dark room and actual prints to deal with.

I haven’t seen a typewriter around yet, but desperately want one to clack upon when it gets slow. It lends an air of reality to this highly electronic world.

General13 Jun 2007 03:19 pm

We have a ‘fashion guru’ of sorts here at work. He’s a super slim, fast walking, faster talking slick dresser who does all of our fashion layouts. He’ll come into the office with some amazonian woman, laden with pink Holt Renfrew bags, Balenciaga purses tumbling out nonchalantly while he collects the studio key or asks who his assigned photographer is.

You see, apart from this man, the news room is a bit devoid of fashion. There are pockets, here and there. Mostly on the floor where they keep the marketing people. One of the city deskers got some new shoes recently and they were the highlight of the day in the newsroom. One of the war correspondants, who at 6’6″ is no small man, came in wearing short shorts the other day and then, to the dismay of everyone I’m sure, loudly stated he had forgotten his slacks.

Anyhow, fashion is not on the forefront of most of these people’s minds. So while I do not feel gutsy enough to wear my crazy pink legwarmers (maybe on my last day) and continue to demurely wear a tank top under my open-back shirts, I still dress fairly well.

That is, except on the days our fashion guru happens to come in. One day, I had dutifully straightened my hair, but been caught in the rain. As I tried frantically to wrangle the don’t into a do, striding across the newsroom floor was the stylist, complete with hair stylists and five chic hair models in tow. Great.

One day, I turned away from my desk to get a print out, and spilled my tea all over my skirt in the process…of course on the one skirt I own that is not a blissful stain-camouflaging shade of black. It had been drying into a beautiful avant-garde tea stained splotch when, of course, the fashionistas arrived. He asked who his photographer was, while eyeing the hard to miss blotch on my skirt. “That happens to me all the time,” he said, pitingly.

We both know it doesn’t.

General12 Jun 2007 04:45 pm

When I was younger, I used to laugh at the ladies I would see powerwalking on their lunches around the governmental buildings of downtown. They’d be wearing their power suits, opaque stockings and…running shoes.

Of course, I knew it was for comfort. I knew these women would have heels poking out of their ever-present totebags around their shoulders, and they would change into them at their desks. But, still, why?

Then, I became one of those women. I wear (still somewhat trendy) sneakers that do not match the rest of my outfit, and scurry to and from work, hoping some young girl isn’t staring at me from her car, wondering why downtown women are so bad at fashion.

At least my ‘inside shoes’ are cute and garner compliments on the elevator.

General04 Jun 2007 10:15 am

It’s been really hot for the start of June here in Edmonton, which is fortunate because I’ve decided to try getting to work without a bus pass for the rest of the summer. I took a brisk half hour walk, passing all sorts of folk in the streets. I had forgotten my music, so I found it charming to hear music and light chatter at some corners, or even a passing fire truck or two.

Anyhow, it’s added another wonderful element to my work days. I do not have any inclination of dread, boredom, or resentment at going into work. Some mornings I may be slow to start because I was up late the night before, but walking up the glass encased stairwell to the newsroom, and smelling the coffee maker brewing it’s 11am cycle is enough to awaken me.

Everyday is exciting here, it seems, and I cherish every hour I spend here. Come the fall, I may not be offered a position to stay in any capacity, let alone at my current awesome job, so I’m trying to spread myself out and do as much as I can anywhere I can. Here’s to hoping.