General20 Nov 2006 12:16 pm

It’s like a cruel joke. A week ago, I was riding the river boat in Bangkok, sucking in the warm (yet grossly humid and polluted) air. This Sunday morning, I waited in a line outside Toys R Us in minus 10 degrees celcius weather to see if I could buy a Wii. My boyfriend was in a line a few stores away at Futureshop. After half an hour (into a two+ hour wait), I couldn’t feel my toes anymore.

┬áThe good news is that Michael scored a Wii (after buying someone’s presale ticket, neither one of us would have gotten one, otherwise) and we played it for the rest of the afternoon. I do not consider myself a gamer at all (not having been brought up on any systems) but I am in love with the Wii. Zelda is just so much cooler when you can actually “fish” with your wireless remote or “swing” your sword. It’s intense, and I think it gave me tennis elbow. BUT IT’S THE COOLEST THING EVER!

4 Responses to “Wii do it together”

  1. on 20 Nov 2006 at 4:22 pm Jhen

    You’re back in town! Which means we must hang. Seen Marie Antoinette yet? Because I need to, and you could come along.

  2. on 22 Nov 2006 at 6:47 am Mark

    The Wii is so great. I pre-ordered mine so I was able to pick it up comfortably on Sunday morning while all the other suckers were tenting it out in nerd villages outside Future Shop.

    The cruelty of it all is, since I’m frantically trying to finish writing a thesis, I can’t spend time on anything as immersive as Zelda. Still, Rayman is a blast (if you don’t have it; you have to get it. Have to!), so I can get a little playtime in the evenings.

    Hey! Email me your Wii code. Our Miis can mingle.

  3. on 22 Nov 2006 at 10:48 am Kelly

    Mark; Not on wireless yet. Will let you know when that happens so we can have a Mii parade soon though. Until last night, I was hating Rayman (bunnies don’t close doors….grrrrrrrrrrrr) but now I’m back to loving it. Have yet to play the other game Mike got, Super Monkey Ball. I’m interested in Trauma Center, too, but Zelda will probably consume me for the next little while. You will LOVE IT when you have the time to play. LOVE IT.

  4. on 27 Dec 2006 at 9:16 am Melissa

    It has been years since I sat around gaming. That sounds like a lot of fun