With my Geology course packed up, and just over a month to go until Thailand, I’ve found myself yearning to do some more learning. I would love to start another course at school, but that will have to wait until I come back in November. Until then, I have decided to really dedicate myself to learning Thai.

 My local library has several CD packs, to varying levels of completeness. Someone has stolen the book from  a Berlitz travel guide, another person CD 1 from a four CD pack (why did you have to take the most important one? WHY?). I was at my wits end, too poor to pay for the Rosetta Stone language pack I saw advertised one night, late, on CNN (the CIA use it to learn languages! WOW! It MUST be good), and unable to find a local community college that taught a decent course. So, to my great pleasure I discovered last week that the Edmonton Public Library has joined the 21st Century and has electronically licensed audio language packs. They are even Pimsleur courses, which are pretty decent. So between that and the one complete ‘hard copy’ Thai course at the library “Learn Thai in Seven Days” I hope to be able to speak much more than I previously could. This will hopefully aid me when I am conducting interviews for a possible work project I am going to try and do.

Next step: learning how to write it?! Maybe not THAT soon.