August 2006

General28 Aug 2006 09:27 pm

Okay, this is getting out of control. In the search for more centipedes this weekend, Mike and I visited a reptile show. We missed the last centipede by about ten minutes, but instead ‘settled’ for a few new friends.

I don’t know if I mentioned it in the last creepy crawly post, but in addition to the two centipedes, there is also a tiny little Brachypelma albopilosum, or Honduran Curly Hair tarantula currently living in a pill bottle. She’s a voracious eater, and is named Sparkles. She burrows a lot, and is still a bit too small to capture with a camera, but here is a picture of what she will look like when she is older. 


 At the most recent reptile show visit, we collected a few more friends. My brother, who is strangely deathly afraid of spiders, wanted his own little “sling” (spiderling, that is) and so I picked him out a tiny one inch Costa Rican Stripe Knee. He’s named it Miss Cleo.

For myself, I splurged and got an Avicularia versicolor. They are known by a few common names, one of the most beautiful (and appropriate) being Blue Martinique Tree spider. They are amazingly colored, and can turn brilliant shades of green, red, blue and even purple later in life. Again, she is really small and can’t really be photographed, but the time will come. She’s arboreal, so she spins webs, and is out all the time for me to spy upon. I really like her, and she seems really calm, so I hope to be able to handle her one day.



I hope this is what the as yet unamed tarantula develops into. This next pic isn’t her, but it sure looks like her, in size and color…

I’ll try to run updates from time to time. They live at Mike’s house, my mom isn’t too eager on having little spiderlings running around, surprisingly.

General23 Aug 2006 10:55 am

My first set of good friends got married two weekends ago in a lovely ceremony that really showed who they were well. I took photos at the wedding, but my favorite ones are of the gift opening. Here is a sequence of photos that show Dan and Roz opening their biggest and best gift. Any guesses on what it is? I will post what it was after the photos.

What was it? Roz’s parents gave her $25,000 to get her Ph.D. started. Dan started crying before Roz did, and they both sat there in shock a little while. Even typing about it now gives me goosebumps. What a lovely couple, and what lovely families. Good luck to you, guys!

General23 Aug 2006 09:19 am

A few weekends ago Mike, my boyfriend, and I stopped at a small farm outside of Red Deer in central Alberta to check out some invertebrates. We went into a barn and spent a good hour poring over hundreds of Ziploc containers full of mother scorpions, tarantulas and centipedes. There were also pill bottles full of baby spiders. It was amazing.
Centipedes were originally illegal in Canada, but recently have become popular pets, and have proven difficult to find. When we arrived, the proprietor had a larger centipede and a baby centipede that Mike took. As well, he also picked up a tiny 1″ curly hair tarantula. The baby centipede unfortunately died the next day, but Bill Kunstler (the centipede) and Sparkles the tarantula are doing well. And yesterday, Mike received a new centipede (as yet unnamed) from Montreal via overnight shipping. It’s terribly exciting, and they are far less creepy and far more interesting than you might think.

This is Bill. He is sleeping in the corner, his head tucked up under him. He typically burrows to sleep, leaving just his antennae sticking out. He’s pretty strange acting, very epileptical, almost, tossing himself around his home, heaving about like a drunken sailor. He’s not that great at hunting, but acts quickly when the time is right.

This is the new pede, nameless for now. We think it might be female. She acts very different from Bill thus far, very slow and languid… yet quick to dart under her cork bark hide, or to lunge at a cricket. Her antennae are especially sensitive and move about like small fingers, testing the ground around her.

General10 Aug 2006 05:38 pm

while i work my way through the month from hell, i must repeat the mantra “retail therapy is a lie”. sometimes it helps. what helps more is staying at school or work until after the shops have closed.

General03 Aug 2006 09:40 pm

Daimler-Chrysler has been running ads you may have seen lately, they feature “Dr Z” the head of Benz, talking about their merger.

 Tonight, when I logged onto Yahoo I was disturbed to see a familiar face looking at me, rustling his mustache and talking to me. And it wasn’t just because I had seen him in a commercial, either.