General10 Jul 2006 10:11 am

I have long knocked the expensive jean market. I think this comes, in part, from my fear when approaching the ‘jean bar’ at some upscale store. I am accosted by a sales clerk who demands to see my butt and thighs in this pair, that pair, no THESE, they have silver threads in them, dontcha know? I refused to dance and prance infront of a mirror and be persuaded into buying the newest Diesels. Knockoffs? Sure. One offs at the local Ross or Winners? Sure, even if one leg is longer than the other.

Partly, it was due to my frugality. Why on earth would I spend $150 and up on a pair of jeans when not even my $50 pair fit me? Who can account for the next year of weight gain anyhow? I don’t even wear jeans everyday, so you have to get your money’s worth somehow, and god forbid those jeans don’t fit in a year.

But finally, I made the switch. And let me tell you, my ass looks fantastic. $150 of that price must go straight into engineering and design. Jeans are cheaper than a butt lift, but I still won’t be buying one pair for every day of the week. Not even if my generous boyfriend decides he wants to buy me another pair. What a sweetheart.

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