February 2006

General28 Feb 2006 12:49 pm

My dad had to leave for his flight back to work early this morning, around 6am. As we merged on to the busy highway out to the airport, I noticed a white bag blowing slowly across the road. Only I wasn’t sure if it was a bag or not, because it was blowing really slowly and people were swerving to miss it.

As we drove closer, I noticed it was not a bag at all, but a large white jackrabbit, crawling with it’s front paws along the road because it’s back legs were broken.

General23 Feb 2006 07:47 pm

After years of discussion about the possiblity of my parents buying a villa or condo in Thailand, it seems to have been kicked into high gear. My dad just bought tickets for one final family vacation for us to visit Thailand for a month near the end of October. My brother and I will help my mom and dad pick out a place to live, and undoubtedly have some adventures along the way, involving tuk tuks, Mekhong whiskey, bar girls and snorkelling/and or/rock climbing.

 It’s gonna be fun!

General13 Feb 2006 10:31 pm

My dad called Gretzsky “Betsky” tonight.

I thought it awesome.

I hope someone steals that. For real.

General07 Feb 2006 10:46 am

Our healthcare system in Edmonton leaves a lot to be desired. They are overtaxed, overworked, abused and misused. It receives a lot of media coverage when they run low on beds or there are huge emergencies and it’s pretty much known fact that you only go when you’re dire.

 Yesterday around 3pm I almost keeled over at IKEA from pain in my side. I immediately got scared that it was appendicitis and went to my nearest medicentre. I sat for an hour and a half to see a doctor who was with me for 3 minutes and said “Pee in this cup, go to the hospital if the pain is worse”.

Now, pain is a subjective thing. I wasn’t sure if I was getting worse or staying the same. At around 6pm I called our HealthLink number to talk to a nurse, and she suggested I was getting worse and to go to the hospital.

 At the hospital I received a lecture on how busy the emergency rooms were (totally a defensive speech, I had not expressed my displeasure at all, although it felt like i was being knifed) even though it was the last thing I wanted to do, and I had tried all other options first, and felt really guilty for using the medical services I pay for. I sat around for around three hours in the waiting room and saw a doctor around midnight. A quick examination determined it was NOT appendicitis (thank GOD) and was infact a kidney infection. My parents went home and I spent the next five hours alone, getting IVs and listening to retching people and staring at the bright flourescent light above my head, the switch of which I could not reach.

 At one point, when it came time to discharge, the nurse started to turn off the IV, and then, even as she told me she needed to leave the IV in for my further antibiotic treatments over the next few days, she took it out. I started to cry, after 24 hours of being awake, and the fear of the IV hurting again. She apologized profusely as she stabbed me unsuccessfully twice more, and finally getting the IV line back in.

So, as it stands, the pain has subsided and my appetite is returning. I have to go in to the hospital three times a day for antibiotic treatments via my IV, and I don’t know how long that will be for. I’m pretty happy my little appendix hadn’t burst though.

General01 Feb 2006 11:19 pm

I think it’s pretty awesome someone thinks Osama Bin Laden might be hiding behind the use of my gmail account, and sent me a personalized email.


 An Open Letter To
Osama bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri.
(Wherever You Are)


Do you know what degree of shame, abomination, misery and wretchedness
is being heaped on the innocent and peace-following Muslims all over
the world because of this so-called and self styled Jihad of yours?

Do you know how many innocent, unsullied people are being daily
butchered as result of this professed Jihad of yours? How many
children are being orphaned and women being widowed precisely for the
same reason.

And do you know, killing one faultless human being is like killing the
entire humanity. You must definitely be knowing that you will surely
be held accountable for this all bloodshed. Will you, then, be able to
face your God? I challenge, no!

Then, why have you become an agent of some hidden hand. Why are you
taking the responsibility of the murder of entire humanity to yourself
on his behest. Why are you dragging the Muslims down? Why are you
demeaning Islam by presenting it as a terrorist religion? Acting like
this, which religion are you rendering a great service to? Are you
raising the standard of Islam high or you (if you reflect on it) are
causing the heads of the followers of the path of the righteous bow
down with shame in-front of the entire humanity.

Today most of the Muslims believe that you are not a true Muslim but
planted by the enemies to destroy the image of Islam.

For God’s sake, take recourse to sense, and announce an Unconditional
Ceasefire at-once so the inhabitants of world may be introduced to that
divine aspect of the Muslims at whose hands no soul suffer, whose words
and actions bear no tinge of dichotomy, whose speech, when uttered,
conveys to others the message of love and protection, whose thoughts,
when thought, are devoted to the well being of others. Herein lies the
true success, and herein lies the victory of the true religion of Allah.

(Peace Activist)