General26 Feb 2005 10:59 pm

I didn’t take many photos in Las Vegas. I don’t know why, perhaps it just seems so overdone, so photogenic, so .. well, whorish. It’s like a beatiful woman who KNOWS she is beautiful and is taunting you to take her photograph. Only you know a million others have before you, and you feel like you have no unique perspective on the person, well city, at all.

Some of my favorite times were spent driving around the city at around 7am, as the sun rose, and the people awoke, or zombied off to sleep, I’m not sure which. Even then, I did not want to disturb the Las Vegans as they walked to their bus stops, to their jobs, to the gas stations to play slots? (frighteningly, I saw this, and it was even more disturbing than the ones at the airport that really get everyone riled up) I drove out to the desert, around the airport, sat and watched planes take off and land for a while. I think I could live in Las Vegas, it’s a pretty city, oddly.

Anyhow, there is one photo of my sparse eight or nine taken that really stands out. It is Jayson’s friend Mark wearing a shirt he, uh, ‘procured’ on the Strip.

In case you can’t read it, it says “I Heart to Fart – Las Vegas”

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  1. on 06 Mar 2005 at 8:05 pm Jayson

    Missing you by the pool Kel. It is simply amazing here right now. Last night I was in La Castilla and there was this HUGE wedding going on by the pool…complete with an orchestra! Can you imagine?! My suite is poolside BTW! There is live music again tonight. You’d definitely be in heaven, trust me.