General23 Jan 2005 01:15 am

Of all the things I have purchased in the past year, nothing has made me happier than a subscription to Vice magazine. I know it seems kind of odd to be paying for a magazine I can get for free, but it’s so satisfying to get one in the mail each month and not have to worry if some other girl looking for material to chuckle over on the bus has scooped the last one on me. Plus it comes with a free CD of music that I think would make me hip if I listened to it, but so far, I haven’t really bothered. There seems to be a lot of Bright Eyes stuff on it, and I don’t know exactly what record exec was on crack when they signed Bright Eyes up for a recording contract, but I’m pretty sure they WERE on crack.

That guy sucks.

Vice, however, does not. For a crack related story, see here.

One Response to “Many Vices”

  1. on 28 Mar 2005 at 8:42 pm Mike

    Bright Eyes… I love Bright Eyes. Pbbbt!