xlc at sonic

xlc (extra-long cheese dog) from sonic, las vegas, 2007

drinking a  カルピスチューハイ (white yogurt shochu cocktail) at seki izakaya, washington d.c., 2012

I’m Kelly. At the moment, I am living in Canmore, Alberta – some stability after three years of moving around and working abroad in Japan and the States.

This blog is kind of on hiatus as I am keeping really busy with Little Vegas Wedding – a blog I run about the Las Vegas wedding scene. I got married to my tall mustachioed husband there in 2010. I try to keep this blog about my cooking, baking and eating out, at home and abroad. (Although we don’t eat out in Canmore much – classic poutine from La Belle Patate has got to be the fave, though!)

In case you were wondering where the “crazy white girl” part came from, it’s a spin-off  of a nickname I acquired over 10 years ago. It kind of stuck.

Thanks for stopping by. If you need to contact me, please use the address below, or leave a comment on any post (except for this one.)


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